Version v0.2.5 (December 20th, 2023)

This version fixes some breaking changes appearing with qiskit 0.45

Version v0.2.4 (November 27th, 2023)

This version brings two main changes:

  • Temporary removing pyquil from the openqaoa meta package. Pyquil is still installable as a standalone package with pip install openqaoa-pyquil, it will not be included in pip install openqaoa until the issue has been fixed -

    • Installation was made impossible by conflicting dependencies between pyquil and the rest of openqaoa

    • We removed pyquil temporarily

    • We will be updating pyquil and fixing breaking changes in the next release

  • New problem class

    • Binary Paint Shop Problem

Version v0.2.3 (October 25th, 2023)

This version brings the following changes:

  • Fix QPU tests due to provider changes

  • Fix backend_qpu/device.backend_device duplicate

  • Compatibility of QAOA and RQAOA with Azure Quantum sessions

Version v0.2.2 (September 20th, 2023)

This version fixes the version of pyquil to prevent breaking changes occuring with v4.0.0.

Version v0.2.1 (September 11th, 2023)

This version fixes an issue detecting the plugins when installing openqaoa-core from PyPI.

Version v0.2.0 (September 8th, 2023)

This new version brings an import change to OpenQAOA, separately installable plugins to access different providers.

What’s changed

This version brings the following new features:

  • Independently installable plugins

  • New problem classes

    • Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK)

    • k-Coloring (KColor)

    • TSP in linear programming (TSP_LP)

  • Error mitigation technique implementation

    • SPAM twirling

  • Improved Github workflows for internal/external release testing

  • Additional bug fixes

Version v0.1.3 (April 21st, 2023)

This version brings a set of new features in OpenQAOA

What’s Changed

  • QAOA workflows now support evaluate_circuit which lets compute the energy and measurement outcomes for a QAOA circuit for a specified set of parameter values.

  • The library design-wise is moving closer to modularization goal where each hardware provider backend can be installed independently (this feature is expected to fully functional in the next release)

  • OpenQAOA v0.1.3 brings in a list of new optimization problems contributed by @alemonbar, including:

    • Maximal Independent Set (MIS)

    • Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

    • Bin Packing problem

    • Portfolio Optimization problem

Version v0.1.2 (March 23rd, 2023)

There was a small bug in the code that resulted in qiskit circuit not compiling, resulting in erros on QPUs

  • This bug was fixed

  • Two additional unittests were added to test for compilation to avoid these errors in future.

Version v0.1.1 (February 23rd, 2023)

This release brings the following new features:

  • The ability to plug in custom qubit routing solutions for QAOA circuits.

  • AWS managed jobs are now supported through OpenQAOA

What’s Changed

  • Refactor

    • The new GateMapLabel introduces an updated and a more consistent way to label QAOA gates in the circuit.

  • New Features

    • OpenQAOA now supports specifying custom qubit routing algorithms in an expected format in the QAOA workflow. This is implemented in

Version v0.1.0 (February 17th, 2023)

This release brings major changes to the structure of OpenQAOA. This is OpenQAOA’s first major release! V0.1.0 contains many new features and quite a few breaking changes :)

notice: the license has been changed from apache 2.0 to MIT

What’s Changed

  • Refactor

    • The code underwent a considerable refactoring effort. The most noticeable change is in the new openqaoa-core and other library plugins in the form openqaoa-xyz.

    • Refactor of the result objects for RQAOA / QAOA by @raulconchello in

  • New Features

    • New backend: OpenQAOA is now compatible with Azure by @shahidee44 in

    • New circuit Ansatz: now OQ allows for the Alternating Operator Ansatz by @shahidee44 in

    • New backend: analytical formula for p=1 by @kidiki in

    • Shot Adaptative optimizers by @raulconchello in

    • Supporting PennyLane optimizers by @raulconchello in

    • JSON dumps methods for RQAOA / QAOA by @raulconchello in

  • Bug fixes

    • Bugfix: QPU qubit overflow by @shahidee44 in

    • fix: Spelling of Oxford Quantum Circuits by @christianbmadsen in

    • Bugfix vanishing RQAOA instances after elimination by @kidiki in

Version v0.0.4 (November 14th, 2022)

This release brings improvements to RQAOA workflow and AWS authentication, and a bugfix to TSP problem class.

What’s Changed

  • Refactor

    • Authentication Refactor by @shahidee44 in

    • RQAOA workflow by @raulconchello in

  • Fixes

    • Bugfix to Traveling Salesman QUBO Formulation by @Adirlou in

    • Use sparse.linalg.expm for exponentiation of sparse matrices (for sci… by @shaohenc in

  • Docs

    • Fixing the docs by @Q-lds in

    • couple of cosmetic fixes to docs by @vishal-ph in

New Contributors

  • @Adirlou made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:…v0.0.4

Version v0.0.3 (October 29th, 2022)

A release to fix two QPU-related bugs

What’s Changed

  • Fixes

    • Now save_intermediate works for backends with no jobid #110

    • Fix a bug that prevented the correct usage of Rigetti’s QPUs when on QCS #116

  • Docs

    • Add community examples containing:

      • MVP bipartite graph examples #104

      • Docplex and general application tutorials #90

New Contributors

  • @MaldoAlberto made their first contribution in

  • @krankgeflugel made their first contribution in

Version v0.0.2 (October 19th, 2022)

  • Dev

    • OpenQAOA integrates with Amazon Braket!

    • New plotting functions to visualise the most probable bit strings

    • Introduced a lowest_cost_bitstrings function

    • Now it is possible to write a problem statement in DOcplex and have it automatically converted into an OpenQAOA QUBO

    • Unbalanced penalisation strategy for slack variables

  • Code

    • New FAQ in the documentation

    • Distinct GitHub actions for dev and main branch testing

    • GitHub actions for publishing

    • GitHub actions for code quality and security

  • Fixes

    • qiskit Backend seed simulator fix

    • CVaR bug fix

    • Fix knapsack generation bug

    • Gatemap bug fix

OpenQAOA reference paper uploaded to the arxiv

New Contributors

  • @alejomonbar made their first contribution in

  • @raulconchello made their first contribution in

  • @EmilianoG-byte made their first contribution in

Version v0.0.1 (October 2nd, 2022)

Version v0.0.1-beta (July 13th, 2022)

  • Initial release (internal).