Source code for openqaoa.backends.devices_core

from typing import List
import networkx as nx

from .basedevice import DeviceBase
from .plugin_finder import PLUGIN_DICT

def obtain_support_simulators() -> list:
    """This method returns a list containing the names of simulators supported
    by OQ. This list varies depending on the plugins available.

    final_simulator_list = []
    for each_plugin_name, each_plugin_value in PLUGIN_DICT.items():
        if hasattr(each_plugin_value, "device_name_to_obj"):
            simulator_names = [
                each_key for each_key, _ in each_plugin_value.device_name_to_obj.items()

    return final_simulator_list

] + obtain_support_simulators()

[docs]class DeviceLocal(DeviceBase): """ This class is a placeholder for all locally accessible devices. """ def __init__(self, device_name: str): self.device_name = device_name self.device_location = "local"
[docs] def check_connection(self) -> bool: if self.device_name in SUPPORTED_LOCAL_SIMULATORS: return True else: return False
[docs] def connectivity(self, n_qubits: int) -> List[List[int]]: """ The number of qubits for simulators depend on the problem """ G = nx.complete_graph(n_qubits) return list(G.edges())